The Stardew server here at Channel Three uses the following mod:

1.      Community Farm, which increases the farm size so more people have more room to play and build in! Other than a different farm map, this mod does not affect gameplay.

And that’s it! In order to play on our server, you will need to be running this mod so your game will be using the same larger map as ours.

So how do you go about preparing your game for this awesome experience? This short guide will walk you through the steps.


(Optional) Objective 0- backing up your files

The mod used by our server adds a new mega-size farm type. The mod should have zero impact on any other save file or farm type. You can create a new save file with this new farm type, which would require you to have the mod to continue playing it.  That's about it.

 Nevertheless, if you want to back up your save files before adding any mods to the game, you can follow the steps at this link.

After locating your files, I would recommend copy-pasting your save folders into a created folder which I would cleverly name “backup”. If the worse should happen, you can always replace the flaming ruins of your save files with your pristinely backed up versions.

Objective 1- Download SMAPI

The program SMAPI loads your mods when you launch the game. We will need that, so let’s get that set up. This is the most technical (pain in the ass) part, so strap in and pay attention.

I’m going to detail a Windows PC installation.  If you run something else, or just want to see what I’m basing this on, see this link.


Step 1: Click this link.

Step 2: Click the green download button, download directly. By default this should probably go to your Downloads folder, which is fine.


Step 3: At the bottom of your screen, you will see the file “SMAPI-2.7-installer” has installed.  Right click it, and then click Show in folder.



Step 4: Right click the downloaded file “SMAPI-2.7-installer” and then click Extract All. Go ahead and keep it in your Download folder.  Or put it wherever you like, except the Stardew game folder. That could explode the space-time continuum, and we don’t want that.

Step 5: A new folder will be created with the extracted files. Click on it and keep going until you see the file called “Install on Windows.”  Run this program and follow the instructions.  Do not close this window once it is done. If you need it open again in a few steps, just run the Install on Windows program again, no need to uninstall anything.


Step 6: Now we need to make Steam play nice with SMAPI.  To do this, have Steam open.  Find Stardew Valley and right click it. Go to Properties, which you will see at the bottom.

Steps 7 and 8 also refer to this picture.

Step 7: After clicking Properties, you will see something like the upper right window. Make sure you are seeing the General tab.  Near the bottom of the list you will want to click on Set Launch Options. It will open up the window on the bottom right. Our next step is getting Steam to run SMAPI whenever we launch Stardew.

Step 8: Now we need to follow the directions of the installation window and copy-paste a certain line into the Launch Options window. I had difficulties getting this to work, so I had to consult these instructions.  To summarize, here's what I had to do:

A) I had to right-click the installation window, Select Edit, then click on Mark.

B) I then selected the entirety of both lines needing to be copy-pasted.  Notice what I have selected in white.

C) Pressing your Enter button will Copy this text

D) Then, go back to the Steam Launch Options window, right click on the line, and select Paste

E) Finally, delete the empty spaces before the "C   .  Do leave the quotes though. After you are done, click OK.



And that’s it! SMAPI should now work and you can now add the mod to your game.


Objective 2- Adding the server mod

Now that SMAPI is installed, it will now look at your Mod folder whenever you launch the game and load everything that is in this folder.

This folder can be found by

A) Going to Steam and right clicking Stardew

B) Click on Properties, then go over to the Local Files tab

C) Click on Browse Local Files


I would recommend creating a shortcut to this folder from your desktop. It’s important you remember how to access this.

What we now need to do is get the mod you need and put it into this folder.


Step 1: Click this link to download the mod.

Step 2: Surprise, the mod probably just downloaded!

Step 3: At the bottom of your screen it should show the file downloaded. Right click it and Show in folder

Step 4: Right click the file and Extract All. Extracting it in the Download folder is ok.


Step 5: Now, right click the extracted mod folders MTN and Community, then Copy them.

Step 6: Remember the desktop shortcut I suggested making? Use it to open up your mod folder in your Stardew files. Or, you can go to Stardew Properties> Local Files> Browse Local Files again

Step 7: Right click and Paste your download into the Mod folder.  You should see something like this.

Congratulations, you’ve just installed the server mod!

As a reminder, we at Channel Three don’t want any other mods on our server, especially those that would be considered short cuts, cheating, exploitive, and so on.